If you fancy a chilled out game but one that will still keep your brain working overtime then Sleepwalker's Journey HD could be for you. The character you need to help is Moonboy and he's rather partial to sleepwalking.

As he wanders across the screen from left to right your job is to ensure his passage is safe, enabling him to reach his bed which will then move you on to the next level. Clearly things aren't that straight forward and you will need to keep an eye on what's in front of him as you will have to move objects to stop him plummeting to his doom. 

Like many games, there are stars to collect along the way and many of these will require some quick thinking as you may need to move a platform down just for a second and then back up to succeed. It's kind of hard to explain so if you do get the chance it's well worth watching the video.

Sleepwalker’s Journey highlights:

  • Over 45 dreams to explore (and more coming with updates)
  • Environment puzzles where you shape the dream: move obstacles, use elevators, interact with objects and more to clear Moonboy's way
  • Visuals optimized for the most powerful BlackBerry® Devices
  • Quality design from award-winning developer

Sleepwalker's Journey will cost you £1.50/$2.99 which isn't the cheapest but it is a beauty to play. It is however available for all BlackBerry 10 handsets which is always a bonus.

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