Slacker Radio Now Offering Gift Subscriptions As A Holiday Promotion

Slacker Personal Radio is getting geared up for the holiday season with some great offers for those who are looking to pick it up for friends and family. Right now you order a Slacker radio plus gift certificates to give away to friends and family members. The breakdown looks like this:

  • 12-Month Subscription for $47.88 (Includes 10 free 1-month subscriptions to share)
  • 3-Month Subscription for $14.97
  • 1-Month Subscription for $4.99
Whoever you send them to will get a customized gift email from you with a gift code they'll redeem for all of the features of Slacker Radio Plus. They'll get unlimited song skips, ad-free listening, complete song lyrics and more. Personally, I'd love to get a gift like this for the holidays but alas, Slacker Radio is still working on their Canadian offerings which we are hearing will be worked sometime next year.