Slack push notifications now work on the BlackBerry Priv

Aside from Box not being able to log in for Priv owners, Slack also had a known bug with the Priv wherein push notifications were not working with the device for whatever reason. I say had because Slack was made aware of the issue early on and noted they were indeed working on a fix. Now, they have updated their Android app to include that fix as well as a few others for the app in general.

Feature Additions

  • The new channel navigation drawer is now more drawery than any previous drawer ever.
  • Other non-drawer sections of the app got a facelift.
  • Support for new emojis.
  • Much demanded, now available: you can change your profile pic in the app.
  • Faster performance for large teams. Praise be.
  • You can now find an "advanced" preference that will allow you to use the back button to open the channel drawer.

Bug Fixes

  • Bug when tapping unread blue bar when having 50+ unreads would scroll to empty view
  • Bug showing Slackbot as a valid member to add to a Channel
  • Fixed: push notifications now work on Blackberry Priv devices

If you're a Slack user, then you already know how crucial having notifications for the app is, so it's great to see Slack have a pretty fantastic turnaround time for getting this bug fixed. The update is live right now on the Google Play Store for all. If you download it and notifications are still not working, there is a small chance you might have to reinstall the app.

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