skySYNC- Launches In Beta Form, Looking To Serve Up Your Music

In what was previously a closed beta but now open one, skySYNC is a new service that has laid claim to being able to stream your iTunes library to your BlackBerry. Making use of a downloadable BlackBerry app and combined with a PC/Mac/Linux version of their desktop application skySYNC offers all your music in one place, always synced and always available through your device.

Sounds compelling huh? I was able to check out skySYNC earlier and while thoughts are not fully evolved on the application I can see it meeting some peoples needs. It's not without a few caveats though, if you have a rather LARGE iTunes collection you may wish to look at alternative options. I say this because the desktop application is pretty much nothing more then an "uploader" app where your iTunes library gets uploaded to the cloud. You'll be waiting a while if you want to upload all your music in your collection, especially a large one. Still, I see the potential in the service. Maybe you will too, let us know in the comments if ya try it out.

[ PocketBerry ]