Skype has announced that their new video messaging feature has left the beta stage and is now available as a full-featured service for users. The free video messaging service allows Skype users to send short video messages to contacts even when they're offline.

Video messaging is available from nearly any platform that supports Skype, so you can record the video from your BlackBerry 10 device running OS 10.1 and when your contact signs in they'll receive the message.

At this point you're probably wondering just how it all works, right?

Well it's very simple to send a video message using Skype on BlackBerry 10. Stay with us and we'll walk you through it.

First, sign into Skype on your BlackBerry 10 device (if you don't already have Skype you can download it here).

Find the contact to which you want to send the video message. 

Tap on their name in the contacts list. Scroll down, then tap More.

Choose Video Message.

Record your message (up to 3 minutes). When you're done, you can add a short description to the video if you want, or just tap the envelope icon to send.

You're message will send to your contact and they'll be able to view it next time they're online. Done and done!