We told you that Skype had become available for the few lucky folk that have the BlackBerry Q10 or the Dev Alpha C, so in true CrackBerry fashion it's time to show you how it looks on video. Although the app is an Android port it seems to work perfectly for me as you will see.

All the features you would expect are there - such as instant messaging, phone calls and video calls so I'm currently a very happy chap. The word on the street is that Skype will be available for the Z10 in the next couple of weeks so fingers crossed that happens.

As you will see, the quality of the video call I made to Bla1ze certainly wasn't as crisp as we have seen with BBM video calls but that may just be down to our network coverage. I'm not sure if he was connected to Wi-Fi but I was just using 3G as I have unlimited data. And that's another thing to think about - if your data plan is restricted you may want to keep an eye on how close you get to your allowance if you use Skype a lot over the mobile network.

So although this test lacked a wee bit in video quality it still works and that's the key factor. I'll test out some more video calls later and edit this post if needed.

  • Skype to Skype IMs, video and voice calls are free* over 3G or WiFi. 
  • Make low-cost calls and send SMS messages to mobiles or landlines from your BlackBerry® smartphone.
  • Send pictures, videos and files to any of your contacts.
  • Enjoy high-quality sound when you call anyone else who is on Skype.
  • Talk face to face or show what you’re seeing with front and rear-facing cameras.
  • Talk to your Windows Live Messenger friends on Skype. Sign in to Skype with your Microsoft account and have your Messenger, Hotmail and Outlook contacts in one place.

Hands up who's excited for Skype on BlackBerry 10?

Download Skype (Preview) for the BlackBerry Q10