Skype (Preview) for BlackBerry 10 got a bit of a overhaul recently which we posted about. What we didn't show you though is the BIG improvements to the user interface which now make the Android port much more BlackBerry 10 like. 

Without wanting to sound too negative, the 'old' version was a bit drab, however things are now beautiful and with lots of swiping action going on it certainly feels more like a native BlackBerry 10 app than it actually is. 

As you will see in the video, once Skype is opened you have three tabs at the top of the display. These are Recent, Favorites and People. As well as being able to tap on them you can scroll left and right between them - which is a great improvement. To add a person to your favorites list you just perform a long hold on the contact where you will have three options that pop up in a box. These are: 

  • Add to favorites
  • Block contact
  • Remove contact

Down at the base of the display are two icons - one for the phone dialer and one to search for contacts. Jumping into the overlay menu (three grey dots) will allow you to add people, add a number, mark all read , sign out and also access the settings. Settings are not too different - you can alter the options for signing in automatically, syncing contacts, notifications plus more. 

But it's all about the UI with this latest version of the app and what an improvement it is. Nice work Skype - or BlackBerry. The new update rocks!

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