Skype Mobile Now Available For Verizon Users But What About Other Carriers?

As we already know, Skype Mobile has been rolled out to Verizon Wireless users at this point. The application is being pushed out to devices this morning to make for easy downloading. But now that it is here, we kind of have to wonder what exactly this means for Skype on BlackBerry as a whole. Its been quite a while since Skype made the initial announcement of their intentions to arrive on the BlackBerry platform and in a way, they kind of have really made good on that news. However, I'm quite certain an exclusive deal with Verizon wasn't exactly how BlackBerry users envisioned when Skype released their very limited beta.

So what exactly happened? Was the beta testing phase abruptly stopped and seemingly shut down due to a deal made with Verizon? Could this be part of the reason no one at Skype wanted to answer direct questions about when exactly Skype was coming to BlackBerry? Sure seems that way as I see it. In any case we certainly don't have and likely never will have any answers as to what the future holds for Skype on BlackBerry. But we can still hope that Skype will do right in the long run and make the app available to all BlackBerry users. In the meantime, any Verizon users now using Skype? Let us know in the comments what you think of the service on your device.
  • Verizon Users Can Click Here For More Information About The Skype Mobile App>>

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