Skype BlackBerry Icons

In the latest BlackBerry 10 Dev Alpha OS update, some sleuthing found a few hidden gems burried in the OS. When diving into the embeded icons, BBVietnam came across the icon set for the device that included not only FacebookTwitter and LinkedIn, but also Skype. Yes, that Skype. Now we can't say for sure what this means (if anything) but it is a good sign. We've had no official word on either side as to if Skype will be available for BlackBerry 10 at all, but the icons do get us a bit curious regardless. 

Things like this have been spotted before in early versions of an OS, so there's no saying if we'll see them in there at launch or what their purpose even is at this point. We can cross our fingers and hope for the best as we've done all along. January 30th will be a big day and we'll certainly find out all we can at the big media event.

Source: BBVietnam