Earlier this week I decided to ask the question if you use Skype on BlackBerry 10. If you missed the original post, I had the idea to run the poll as I very rarely use Skype even though it was one of those apps that before it was available, I was gagging for on BB10.

I'm fairly sure that the reason I don't use it is because BBM does a much better job in my opinion. If the Skype app was a native BlackBerry 10 one and not an Android port things may be different, but for instant messaging, BBM has more to offer. And with BBM voice and video offering such fantastic sound quality I find it a lot less hassle to hit up a buddy on BBM rather than firing up Skype.

Will we see a native BlackBerry 10 Skype app? I doubt it anytime soon, but if the likes of the BlackBerry Passport and Classic take off in the enterprise sector you never know. Skype may change their minds. Only time will tell.