Skyfire may return to BlackBerry but do we need or want it?

Skyfire, the 3rd party web browser that began their alpha and beta testing for BlackBerry only to abandon it a little while later, is once again considering bringing their services back to the BlackBerry Platform. While it's not exactly an actual confirmation that they will start up testing again, the fact it got mentioned is something to consider.

We do expect to bring Skyfire 2.0 to additional platforms, and have begun discussions with some carriers and OEMs to decide which will be our next OS.   Microsoft’s new Windows Phone 7 and Nokia’s MeeGo platform are both shaping up as platforms with a lot of potential and the recent launch of the new Blackberry OS 6 with a WebKit browser core makes for interesting potential for a future release of Skyfire 2.0.  We value feedback from our users, so please let us know what platform you would like to see Skyfire on next and just as importantly let your wireless carrier know that you want Skyfire!

Rather funny that Skyfire now wants to rethink their time and effort investment for BlackBerry. It's pretty much coming at a time that could end up being one of transition for BlackBerry and Research In Motion. If in fact QNX OS ends up making its way to BlackBerry smartphones one has to even wonder if Skyfire would be relevant. They're version 2.0 offering brings full support for html5, offline browsing, javascript, WebKit, and full-screen video. All of which could be built right into the QNX OS and ultimately the browser anyways. Fool  me once Skyfire, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me. Besides, Skyfire would need some server upgrades first before taking on an influx of BlackBerry users as we see it.

Source: Skyfire

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