SkyFire Halts BlackBerry Beta Testing After Files Leaked!

On Monday afternoon Skyfire made the announcement that some of us all were expecting. It was announced that all beta testing on the BlackBerry development of SkyFire was to be put on hold, reason being that the files had leaked onto the internet. Also during that time, BlackBerry users of all devices were acessing the files and from the SkyFire blog came this.

"During the time it was leaked, there were many BlackBerry users trying the alpha release on Curves, Storms, and other BlackBerry models--it was not intended for these devices."

The real story there is the fact the SkyFire beta was set up to allow a limited number of users to gain access and test the services at a time, if too many users were on --further connections would not be allowed. After the files were leaked legitimate users and testers were no longer able to access the files.

This folks is a prime example of why certain things just simply, should not be leaked. The development of SkyFire has just been set back and now it will be even longer before we see it launch on BlackBerry. Another fine reasoning, even mentioned by SkyFire is the fact the version leaked was not even the most recent version and this alone could have negative effects on users opinion now and even after launch.

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