This is just a heads up for those of you out there who have been making use of the streaming music app Skooday on BlackBerry 10. The music-discovery service that acts as a back end for Skooday, known as ExFM, has decided to shut down some of their services as of January 15, 2014. Meaning you'll no longer be able to love songs, follow people and any data saved there will no longer be accessible.

Because of that, it's unknown if Skooday will be able to continue on functioning as per normal and as such, users of the app may indeed experience issues or have the app stop working entirely. As noted in the CrackBerry Forums, the developer of Skooday has no intentions of reworking the app to use another service and the app has already been removed from BlackBerry World to avoid further downloads.

Shame such a great app has to come to an end but not exactly something that could really be prevented either given the circumstances surrounding ExFM which has the control in this case.