With several streaming music apps already available in BlackBerry World, great apps that tap into some of the arguably lesser known services can get overlooked. A prime example of this is Skooday, which allows streaming from Exfm. If you're not familiar with Exfm, it started its life as a Chrome extension which then became a full blown offering that scours the web for legal music files and then organizes them all into a logical form.

Using the service, you can discover, playback and share music across social networks, all for free. And that's where Skooday comes in. Skooday is a BlackBerry 10 app that taps into the Exfm service and allows you to stream music, and make use of the services 'love' feature to bookmark songs you enjoy. Overall, the app offers the basics but that's what makes it good in my opinion. Get in, search for some music, tap play and you're good to go.

Right now, you can download Skooday for free from BlackBerry World, though I do feel I should note it was once a paid app. The developer recently made it free because the $1.99 price tag wasn't getting much interest and they're contemplating what to do with the app next. In-app purchases to add more features, open source it, allow users to vote on features - all ideas the developer is considering. If you download it and enjoy it, let the developer know in the CrackBerry forums. It'd be a shame to see such an app go to waste for the sake of $2.

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