My Fitness Friends My Fitness Friends

Whether one of your resolutions this year was to get in better shape, or you are just always looking for ways to improve your health, My Fitness Friends is a great BlackBerry application you will want to check out. Many of us live life with a rather busy schedule, we are always on the go and hitting the gym is not always possible. My Fitness Friends is a BlackBerry application that allows you to create a work out routine that doesn't need any weights and can be completed nearly anywhere.

Whether in a hotel room, home watching the kids, or in any other situation which does not allow you to hit the gym this is a great replacement. In addition to just creating a routine it allows you to share your routing with BlackBerry Messenger buddies so they can compete with you, making it a bit more interactive. So I challenge you, skip the $1 burger this week and try out this app, your health will thank you.

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