If you're a snow sports fan then SkiBuddy may well be the perfect application for you. The native BlackBerry 10 app is a super tool for skiers and snowboarders who wish to track their journeys and have access to them at a later point - and it looks to do the job beautifully. 

Once the application is opened you will be presented with a choice of three sports to choose from - skiing, snowboarding and cross county. Once one is selected you will be taken to the main screen where the action happens. On the right hand side of the screen you won't fail to notice the 'Start' icon. This also acts as a stop and pause button when you come to a halt. The rest of the display if filled with other information - such as speed, distance, altitude etc. 

At the base of the display are two tabs. The first of these is 'Ski Run' and this contains all the information I have just mentioned. The other tab is 'Log Book' where you can view all your recent ski runs. They are listed in order of when the event took place and the list shows some basic info, but by tapping on one you get all the results/data. 

You will notice that at the top of the screen is a map of the route, but you can't interact with it. However, down the base of the display is a Map tab and this will open up BlackBerry Maps where you are free to zoom in and out to check out exactly where you traveled. 

Sharing is incorporated and this is done via the accounts you have in your BlackBerry Hub. I was a little disappointed not to see Dropbox or Box there as I thought some folk may like that option, but I presume it's missing for a valid reason. 

SkiBuddy is priced at £1.50/$1.99 and is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices. If you are serious about skiing/snowboarding you will absolutely love this app. Nice work Mr Dev! 

Download SkiBuddy for BlackBerry 10