Sketch with Friends

Sure we may not have Draw Something on the BlackBerry PlayBook, but we do have an amazing alternative called Sketch with Friends. The recent update to Sketch with Friends brings the application to version 1.2.3 and along with it they have brought some awesome new things. First of all they have released a free version as well as the paid version, so you can now try it out before you buy it. In addition to the free version they have also made quite a few changes to the actual application and its performance such as:

  • Exclusive gaming zone called “The Platinum Lounge” for paid users only where players can play across all platforms (iPad, Android Tablets etc.). This zone has 50 game rooms as of now
  • “The Salon”- where both free and paid users can play across all platforms. This zone again has 50 rooms, which will be increased in the immediate next update 
  • Improved word list 
  • Performance improvements and bug fixes related to gameplay 
  • We've now upgraded to a larger server which takes care of most of the connectivity issues

If you are already play Sketch with Friends be sure to hop into App World and grab the update, and if you have been waiting to give it a shot, try the free version now!

For more information and to download Sketch with Friends
For more information and to purchase Sketch with Friends

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