Six Guns BlackBerry Z30

Just a quick one for you Z30 owners out there - the massively popular cowboy game Six Guns has been updated with BlackBerry Z30 support so you may want to lasso this one in real quick. 

We've had Six Guns on BlackBerry 10 for quite some time but it was only available for Z10 owners. Thankfully, Gameloft have seen sense and you can now play the awesome game on the largest BlackBerry 10 handset currently available. 

The other great thing about the game is that it's free to download. Sure, there are some in-app purchases available, but you certainly don't need to use them to enjoy the game.

If the thought of shooting bad guys and riding your trusty steed across the plains of North America sounds like fun then give this one a go - it sure is a beauty. Just make sure you have plenty of room on your device as the file is a reasonable size so you may want to use Wi-Fi for the download too. 

If you missed our Z10 review of the game you can catch it here

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