I'm seriously pi$$ed I spent $500 on that BlackBerry clock app yesterday as that money really needs to be going into my new car fund so I can pick up some new wheels when the QNX concepts being shown off at CES2012 hit the market. 

You'll want to definitely watch the video above as Mark from the QNX team walks me through all of the customizations they did to this sweet Porsche Carerra. The technology here is just awesome. There are NFC tags in the car for easy pairing between BlackBerry Smartphone and the Infotainment unit (which while not being broadcast you could tell was a PlayBook in the console that boots up to a new in-car UI). The main console PlayBook was connected to two more PlayBooks mounted on the headrests, which can be controlled by the main console machine (thank QNX's distributed OS and QNet for making that happen). The main infotainment console has all the features you'd expect of a connected car and some that you wouldn't expect, including AMAZING super high definition stereo telepathy which means you can have the best voice calls ever. There's no noise cancellation happening here, but literally sound that is true to life and even moves with you through the car (it's hard to explain in text, so jump to the 4 minute mark to see it and hear it). What's really cool is that this functionality is actually part of the PlayBook OS 2 update. 

I can go on and on here but have to start packing up to make my flight home from CES 2012, so do yourself a favor and sit back and watch the video. You'll be glad you did.

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