When we pulled the trigger on our CrackBerry site redesign last March, we introduced a new homepage design. Now, we didn't abandon the traditional blog view - it was still always accessible by tapping the "Switch to Blog View" button on the homepage, but by default we gave you the new featured view. The featured view was more headline driven, and presented a lot of stories on the page, but arguably made for a less (quickly) scannable browsing experience.

Tonight, while sifting through some of the early 2014 CrackBerry Reader Survey results, I decided most of you seem to just tolerate the Featured View rather than love it. And you all seem to love our award-winning CB10 app, which follows a more traditional chronological order of content presentation.

So because I love change, I love testing things, and I love trying to make all of you happy (knowing that I don't always succeed), we just flipped the switch on the homepage defaults.

Now if you visit crackberry.com on your desktop browser, or m.crackberry.com on your mobile, you will now see the traditional blog view by default. For those of you who do love the featured view, it's still accessible by tapping the "Switch to Featured View" button. These settings are of course remembered via a browser cookie, so once you choose your view it will stick so long as you accept cookies.

I'll leave at that for now, and let's see how it goes. If we ultimately don't like the change, we can always flip it back. Enjoy!