Like CrackBerry? Hit the +1 Button Below!

Buttons on blogs. You either use them or you ignore them. At the bottom of each CrackBerry article we have been rocking Facebook's Like and Twitter's Tweet buttons for a while now, and last week we added the newest one to hit the scene, Google's +1 Button.

If you're not familiar with the +1 Button, the video above will quickly walk you through what it's about. Basically the +1 button is your way of publicly saying to Google and anybody you're connected with via Google that you like this content. Later, when you're searching Google for info, you'll see that search results are accompanied with the +1 count, and if anybody you know has +1'd a page you'll see that person in the search results too. Google puts value on the number of +1's a page and website has received (the more the better of course!), so if you like an article or page here on CrackBerry and see a +1 button, be sure to click it!! Right now the +1 is just on the blogs, but we'll be rolling it out in more places on CrackBerry where it makes sense, so keep your eyes on the lookout for it.

Want some practice? Be sure to hit the +1 button at the top of this post. That'll say you love CrackBerry!!