Michelle let us all know about the update to one of our favorite apps, Poynt. For any that don’t know, Poynt is an all-in-one location-based search application and is one of the favorites for the majority of BlackBerry users. Here at CES, I got to sit down and chat with several members of the Poynt team including CEO Andrew Osis and Jeff Davison, VP Marketing and Communications. It was very interesting to hear just how far Poynt has come since it’s creation several years ago. The Calgary based company has increased their employee count from 35 to 80 within the last year with employees in several countries. I was assured that Poynt will always be free regardless of the updates they add on to the super app and that the company is always looking for a way to make it even more outstanding. The possible addition of a partnership with the National Center for Missing & Exploited Children here in the US (they’re already partnered with the Missing Children’s Society in Canada) is in the works and will allow users to see Amber Alerts relative to their location. With all that this app can already do, I can see why it’s always voted one of the most downloaded and must have apps.

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