Sirius XM Radio App Coming To BlackBerry Soon?
(Not The Real App)

Some interesting new came about yesterday for all you Sirius XM radio fans out there. According to to some tips left on the OrbitCast website it looks like at some point in time this month we will be seeing a release of BlackBerry version of their mobile app. Currently, XM Radio offers a service through certain carriers which allows a carrier based subscription to bring 25 channels to the BlackBerry platform. However, the non-carrier solution will bring 120 channels in total and allows subscribers to just simply login and use their already existing account through Sirius XM to access their channels on the go. With this set up though we wouldn't rule out the chance of a small additional fee added for the mobile option, much like the methods used on the iPhone app.

Supported devices are said to include Storm, Bold, BlackBerry Tour and finally, BlackBerry Curve (89xx, 85xx) series devices. Now in the past, Sirius XM has excluded Howard Stern from their mobile offerings and that is not likely to change. Guess we'll just have to wait and see. Anyone gonna grab this up when it's released?

[ OrbitCast ]