SIM Detective Helps Thwart BlackBerry Theives!

Let's face it, BlackBerry devices are a hot ticket item when it comes to thieves. Every day someone will either lose or have their BlackBerry stolen and while a lot of protection goes into enterprise customers BlackBerry devices with remote lock and wipe options available through BES, to date RIM hasn't put quite the same emphasis on consumer devices via BIS.

This leaves a door open for third party developers to fill the void RIM has left in this area. One of those said developers is Ozzy Productions, who have developed a great new app called SIM Detective. SIM Detective allows you to set up a text number and email address to which if another SIM card besides your own is inserted into your BlackBerry a message is sent off to a pre-chosen address containing a personalized message, GPS, IMSI, carrier and cell phone number of your thief. All of which can hopefully be used to provide to police in order to get your device back. Awesome application and the $5.99 spent is much better then the $599 you may pay if you need to get a new BlackBerry.