If you're a BlackBerry 10 user on AT&T, you're probably wondering what the hold up is with BlackBerry 10.2.1 considering BlackBerry delivered it many months ago. Sure, you could install one of the leaked OS' out there but really, you shouldn't have to. Fret no more though as it seems AT&T will be rolling out a 10.2.1 or more specifically, OS software version shortly.

For some, it's already appearing in BlackBerry Link and the files are already readily available for those who wish to install it on their own bypassing the OTA and wait time however, if you're not wanting to go that route you'll want to keep checking for updates on your device wherein you can take the official OTA as soon as it arrives.

For those of you waiting, sit tight. The wait is soon over. To AT&T, well thanks for finally getting off your duffs and being the dead last carrier to offer something other carriers have had for months. You're making even John Legere, of all people, look good to the BlackBerry community. Even he managed to get 10.2.1 out, even with some problems with Wi-Fi calling.