A while back, we told you about an application called Signal Tracker. This handy application allows users to not only monitor their cell strength over time but maps your location via GPS to alert you of troublesome areas. The developer made some tweaks and fixes and the application now stands at version 2.0.

Changes in v2.0

  • New application icon
  • Added support for Google Maps. Goto the Application Menu and select Settings icon to select the map provider. When you view the signals in Google Maps you can select on the Pin marker for additional information. If the first time Google Maps does not display the correct location then just close the map screen and open it again. Google Maps is an option for users who do not have access to BlackBerry Maps in their country
  • Added different Pin drop icons
  • Added support for OpenCellID. You can now post a signal or upload a .CSV file to OpenCellID website. OpenCellID is a website that keeps track of all the cell towers around world and signal informations. You will need to create a API key from OpenCellID to upload. Information to do this is in the Settings screen in Signal Tracker

If you are not familiar with all of the capabilities Signal Tracker offers, you can check out the full list below.


  • Supports BlackBerry Maps
  • Interval tracking from 10 seconds to 10 minutes
  • Plot signals on the graph for easy viewing
  • Plot signals on the Map using BlackBerry Map. Requires Internet or WiFi connection
  • Live map view of the signals. Require Internet access
  • Get detail information about a specific saved signal
  • Network info such as mobile network, country code, location area code and cellid
  • Share signal with your friends
  • Export signal data to .CSV file format
  • Shows the Best and Worst signal on your tracked route

For those who always wonder how their signal strength is affected by their daily routine in an easy to read manner, you can grab it for $0.99. It is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices and is Built for BlackBerry approved.

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