The signal strength of your BlackBerry is pretty easy to see from the number of bars displayed. Ever wonder what those bars mean?

Signal Bars

There is an actual number associated with the signal strength of your BlackBerry. To see what it is, go to the home screen and type Alt-N,M,L,L. If you are on a BlackBerry with Sure Type keyboard like the 7100 series, you
will have to type Alt-B,B,M,L,L.

After typing the sequence, you should see your signal strength meter change from bars to a number. To change it back, just retype the sequence of keys.

The higher the number, the worse your reception. The number of bars is determined by the following chart:

5 bars -40 to -77
4 bars -78 to -86
3 bars -87 to -92
2 bars -93 to -101
1 bar -102 to -120

The minus sign isn’t displayed on your BlackBerry, but the number refers to dBm, which is decibels relative to 1 milliwatt.

## This Article Was Originally Published by on April 26 , 2006