I know, I know. We have all heard it before right? The AT&T Bold is coming on such and such a date, and while we all sit back and wait (some more patiently then others), we have seen 31 countries launch the Bold well before one of the biggest markets for RIM... the USA! AT&T was one of the first carriers to acknowledge they would be offering the BlackBerry Bold, yet somehow it appears they will be one of the last carriers to actually have it available for purchase.

Let the rumors begin (again), and let us just hope this one turns out to be true. BGR has posted some information from the Best Buy systems that indicate availability for the BlackBerry Bold will be October 26. Best Buy, being an authorized retailer, typically has a slight delay in their shipments compared to other carrier stores/outlets, so we are likely looking at an approximate launch date for AT&T on the week of the 20th. But I'm sure at this point most are thinking "I'll believe it when I see it." So what does everyone think? Is it finally AT&T's time or are we going to be looking at November before the Bold hits? Share your thoughts in the comments!

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