Bring the BlackBerry Z10 to Sprint!

Well that didn't take long. A loyal Sprint customer has already started a petition trying and convince the US carrier to launch the BlackBerry Z10. Not really a surprise seeing how vocal users are being about the lack of Z10 support in CrackBerry's forums.

Earlier this week Sprint announced their plans to carry the full qwerty BlackBerry Q10 Smartphone, but the press release failed to mention the BlackBerry Z10 at all. Not cool. Look, I get that Sprint basically loses money on every non-iPhone full touchscreen device they sell (due to the silly agreement they signed with Apple), but the BlackBerry Z10 is hot and every other major US carrier is picking it up. Not carrying it is just wrong and a disservice to their own loyal customers. 

I like Sprint. And Dan Hesse is cool. So hopefully they'll change their minds here and we'll see another press release come through saying the Z10 is coming. In the meantime, you can show your support for bringing the Z10 to Sprint by jumping over to the online peition below and signing.

Sign the Bring the BlackBerry Z10 to Sprint Petition