Have you ever received a document on your BlackBerry that required you to sign it. I for sure find it a real pain in the butt having to print paper, sign it and then either post or scan and email back. Luckily I don't have to do that anymore thanks to SignEasy for BlackBerry 10.

The app is an Android port so things aren't not quite as smooth as with a Built for Blackberry app but do not fear as this one works just fine. So upon opening the app you have the option to enter your signature and initials which are then saved and can be inserted into any document. You can alter at any time so if you suddenly want to change your name for example you can - maybe one for secret agents!

When you receive a document that requires your signature you just insert it wherever you need to. You can make your autograph larger or smaller to suit the document and essentially thats it. If you watched the above video you will see that I learnt something new about the app once I had finished recording the initial part. As soon as I switched of the camera I got an email from SignEasy containing my signed document. From here I then had the option to share it via the BlackBerry Hub. As this was just a test I just stuck it into my Remember app which would be a great place to store things if you don't use cloud storage. This final feature impressed me greatly. SignEasy is an awesome application.

There is a free version for you to test it out and after that the app will set you back $19.99/14.00 so it isn't cheap but think of all the time and hassle you can save. And trees! Grab the free version below and let us know what you think in the comments.

More information/Download SignEasy (free) for Blackberry 10