It's time to next level the CrackBerry Meetup fun. We've just added 45+ more cities to our CrackBerry Meetup Groups list. If you live in one of these cities and would attend a meetup with other BlackBerry fans, SIGN UP NOW!

As part of our 10 years of CrackBerry celebration fun, I'm trying to bring as many BlackBerry fans together as I can. So far we've hit up Barcelona, Toronto, Winnipeg, Miami and NYC and we've had a blast in every city, giving attendees the opportunity to get an early hands-on look at the BlackBerry KEYone. I'll soon be announcing four more cities I'll be bringing the CrackBerry Meetup tour to in May - you'll want to sign up for the city you live in on our CrackBerry Meetup Groups page so you don't miss out when a meetup gets scheduled.

Making CrackBerry Meetups Happen in More Cities!

I've realized two things from our meetups this year:

  1. It's about bringing BlackBerry fans together. As cool as it was for everyone to get to see the KEYone early, the best part is having a bunch of hardcore BlackBerry fans together in one room who can meet in real life and talk BlackBerry for a night.
  2. CrackBerry Kevin doesn't scale that well. Even living out of a suitcase for a couple of months, there are only so many places I can hit up.

Reflecting on those points, a light bulb went off. We could also have CrackBerry Meetups take place in cities where CrackBerry Kevin can't get to. We can find a volunteer or two in each city be our designated "CrackBerry Meetup Coordinator" and with the support of CrackBerry and our amazing community events/contests coordinator, Michelle Haag, we could bring meetups to life even if I can't be there in person (we'll send out a CB-Meetup-in-a-Box kit to our meetup coordinator, have an awesome prize to be given away at each meetup, etc.).

To that end, we've setup a new CrackBerry Meetup Group page that has FIFTY CITIES on it from around the world. We can add more locations too - so if your city isn't listed you can leave a comment letting us know and we can look at getting it added if enough people mention. I think it would be awesome if we could get 50+ members signed up in each city listed.

So that's it. Hit the link below to jump over to our meetup group listings and SIGN UP for your city. This will also help me to prioritize the cities I'll line up to visit, so if you participate in local BBM Groups, etc., be sure to rally your local BlackBerry-using friends and colleagues to sign up. Spread the word!!

Visit the Crackberry Meetup Groups page to find your city and SIGN UP!