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A good news reader for BlackBerry seems hard to come by lately, but a new player to the game hopes to change that. SideSwipe is a great news reader for BlackBerry that is now in beta and seeking testers. I've had the pleasure of playing around with the app for the last week and I have to say it's one of the best yet.

We live in a time where the amount of readily available information is increasing faster than we can keep track of it, let alone understand it. There are more than 150 million blogs and billions of tweets, yet we still get most of our information from a handful of sites. The sheer volume of information is overwhelming; think of it as trying to drink from a fire hose. This is where SideSwipe comes in, offering users the ability to expand their information horizons without drowning in data.

Our proprietary cloud technology marries popular content with less obvious sources, using personal preferences and social networking to provide a broad offering of interesting content. Utilizing powerful background processing and storage capabilities, the BlackBerry client packages up the content in a viewing experience not yet seen in other mobile device offerings.

Having the news you want, when you want it is important, and SideSwipe does just that - and it does it well. The fluid UI, ease of use and all around fun of the app make it simply awesome. Your content is stored locally so there is no wasted time accessing data, the swipe navigation is amazingly smooth and quick, you can save and share articles and much more.

SideSwipe is now in beta and seeking testers. There are 1000 spots open for eager users to try it out. You'll need to use the app and report back with your findings, but that shouldn't be too hard. If you're interested in helping out, head to the link below to claim your spot. Keep reading for more screeshots.

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SideSwipe for BlackBerry Now in Beta

SideSwipe Beta SideSwipe Beta

SideSwipe Beta SideSwipe Beta SideSwipe Beta SideSwipe Beta

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