With the new BlackBerry Z10, one of the awesome features (if you want to call it that) is that you can not only download apps from BlackBerry World, but also sideload Android applications. We first saw this on the BlackBerry PlayBook and it helps broaden the app spectrum to give us more apps to choose from to fill the "app gap".

Now I know not everyone is up for sideloading and of course we don't condone loading up any paid apps, but if you are one of the many that doesn't mind a good Android app or two, we've come up with this series titled Sideload This to give you a quick look at the best Android apps to load up on your BlackBerry 10 device. We'll stick to the ones that actually work well and weed out the ones that aren't the greatest.

Our first stop is one of my favorites - PaperKarma.

If you're like most people, you still get snail mail. Letters, coupons, ads, magazines -- you name it. Some you want, some you don't. With PaperKarma you can start weeding out the unwanted junk mail with just a few extra minutes a day. PaperKarma lets you snap a photo of the offending mail and PaperKarma does the rest. They will submit a request to stop on your behalf and in cases where they can't sort that out, will give you the info to do the job yourself (which doesn't happen too often).

It's super simple to use once you set it up, and you can snap anything from catalogs to fliers to credit card mailers. If you are overloaded with junk mail it's definitely worth a look. Sadly it's currently for the US only.

If you have any great free Android apps you'd like to see featured, let us know in the comments!

Where to Download

Download the PaperKarma BAR file here

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