If you're not a fan of the process to sideload Android apps to your BlackBerry from a Windows PC or Mac, there is an alternative way that is a bit easier to manage.

A simple Google Chrome extension can have you sideloading apps galore in just a few minutes.

This method is really the easiest we've found and, aside from some time setting it up, loading up apps takes just a minute or two.

While we originally posted about the PlayBook App Manager back in December, it's definitely worth taking another look at since it not only works on the BlackBerry PlayBook but also the BlackBerry Z10 and Q10. 

So if you are a Chrome user and want to sideload apps the easiest way possible - then this is for you.

To get started you'll obviously need to be using Google Chrome. If you don't have it then go download it.

Step 1 - Install the Chrome extension

Head to the Chrome Web Store and search PlayBook App Manager.

Once you find the extension install it into Chrome. After it installs it will open a page in Chrome -- bookmark it. 

Step 2 - Development Mode

Put your BlackBerry into development mode (Settings > Security and Privacy > Development Mode). 

Note the device IP and enter it into the field on the page you bookmarked. If you have more than one device you can enter multiple IP addresses.

Step 3 - Connect your device

Connect your device to your computer. Once recognized, click the IP address listed under Manage Your Device on the page.

If you receive an SSL error in Chrome click Proceed Anyway (you'll be fine, trust us)

Step 4 - Login to the PlayBook App Manager

On the next page, enter your device password then click login.

Step 5 - Choose apps to install

Next you'll see App Manager console. You should already have downloaded some bar files for apps you are going to install.

From here you can simple drag & drop one or more bar files you want to install on your device. 

Once complete you'll see a message on the left telling you if the install was successful. 

When you're done simply disconnect your device and you're good to go!


For more help on this setup you can check out the original post and video here. Of course you can always use the standard method for Windows or Mac should you choose to do so :) 


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