BlackBerry 10 Development Mode

Sideloading Android apps to your BlackBerry has always been easy thanks to the ddpb utility, and now the app has been revamped and dubbed vnBB10. Featuring the same basic functions, vnBB10 allows Windows users to easily sideload Android apps to their BlackBerry 10 and PlayBook devices with just a few steps. You simply need to put your device in Development Mode, connect it to your PC and choose the apps to load (you'll need the BAR files of course). vnBB10 takes care of the rest. You can view install progress, see all running apps and remove any unwanted apps with just a few clicks. 

vnBB10 is free to use and is really the easiest way to load up Android apps from your Windows PC. You can check out our full tutorial on sideloading Android apps here (if you have a Mac we've got you covered as well). Hit up the link below for detailed directions and to download. 

More information/Download vnBB10