I do like a good old Ninja game and luckily Shuriken Ninja War comes with a free version which will allow you to test out the first three levels before deciding whether to purchase the full version at $1.99/£1.50. If you like super fast action games then this one's a right beauty for your BlackBerry Z10.

The idea of the game is very straight forward. Your village will be attacked by ninjas and you need to tap on them to kill them with a throwing star. It gets real manic though and if you don't kill them all your village will be destroyed - ending the game.

Just to make life a little harder there is also a big bad ninja who's face will pop up from time to time. If you don't press the special tab at the top left hand side he will come back in full force and slice you with his sword - that doesn't do your health much good.

Graphics and sound effects are pretty sweet with this one and I would highly recommend giving the free version a go. We would be interested to hear how many of you try and then buy the full version. Feel free to let us know in the comments.

Download Shuriken Ninja War FREE for BlackBerry 10