Shuffle Board may not be the most thrilling game for BlackBerry 10, but seeing as I've enjoyed playing it I decided it was worth sharing. The good news is that there is a free ad-supported version as well as a paid one, so you can at least play the game (and enjoy it) without having to dip into your wallet.

From my perspective, sometimes it's the simple games that tend to stay on my BlackBerry as they are perfect for those times when you just have a spare five minutes to kill. Shuffle Board is one of those, but if you fancy playing it with a friend you can do that too as the game has a two player option.

If you have played any form of shuffle board in real life you will know that the object of the game is to slide your puck up the board to gain maximum points. The same applies with the BlackBerry game. You have three scoring sections - 1,2 & 3 points - and whoever gets the best score wins - simple.

The graphics are fairly basic but the colors are of a nice choice and gameplay is smooth. As well as having the free version the app is available for all BlackBerry 10 devices so everyone can enjoy it. Although in the video I used my Z10 I've also played it on the Q10 and the experience is just the same - result!

Go and grab the free version and if you can, also grab a friend and have some fun.

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