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InstaPhoto and LensBoost are two badass BlackBerry apps. If you're a wanna be photog like me, you'll find yourself constantly using your "artsy eye" to try and grab the best photo you can, then filter it with one of these apps to create a masterpiece. I'm a big fan of taking photos of whatever I can find (yes, even food) and I love trying to impress myself with the end result.

I don't really share my photos often however, but I did come across this thread in the forums asking to do just that. If you use either of these apps (or just snap pics with the camera) then you should definitely swing by the thread and post some of your work. We'd love to see what creations you have come up with, and it's always great to hear what the CrackBerry Nation has to say. Head into the forums to check out all the great photos!

Show us your InstaPhoto / LensBoost photos! 

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