BlackBerry Clock Home Time Zone

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Here's a fun tip that I had never seen before. If you're a frequent traveler and use the Clock app on your BlackBerry, you can set the app to always show your home time zone (or show two different time zones). This is super handy as you can view the clock and instantly know what time it is at home. Be it to compare meeting times, know if your kids are still awake at home or just to keep yourself on schedule, this can be a great help. Keep reading to learn how to get it done!

Always Show Home Time Zone on your BlackBerry

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To show your home time zone, when in the Clock app, press the Menu key then choose Options

Next to Home Time Zone choose your home time zone

BlackBerry Clock Home Time Zone

Now when you are traveling outside of your home time zone, you'll see the local time on the clock and your home time zone in the upper left. Pretty sweet!

You can always use this to keep track of two time zones regardless of where you are by setting your Home Time Zone to any other location. 

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