Show Recent Contacts When Composing Email

Not crazy big news on this one, but something that had bugged me for quite a while. If you remember a few months back, I dropped a rant on the "Show Recent Contacts When Composing Email" option in a leaked Tour OS. Well it turns out that in the latest leaked Bold OS this option is yet again making an appearance. I think its an awesome feature of any OS and should definitely be included in an official build down the road. The option essentially gives you "Gmail style" recent contacts, and displays addresses that aren't necessarily in your contact list. Very cool if you know the name or partial address of someone, as you can just start typing and it pops right up. The option can be enabled under Options > General Options in the Messages application. It looks like the Keyboard Lock that got kicked to the curb in the last leak has found its way back as well. Always interesting to see what comes and goes in different OS versions. Thanks Isaac!