BlackBerry Nova, Noti, Burst, Spark or Splash?!

Yesterday we asked the CrackBerry Nation to submit names for what the symbol above should be called. More than ever, BlackBerry has put this symbol front and center recently, featuring it in BlackBerry India's Action Starts Here marketing campaigns. All powerful symbols should have names, and us BlackBerry users know just how powerful this symbol is. When you see it, you click (or tap) it! Previously, we've heard BlackBerry employees refer to this symbol as the "splat", but from what we've gathered that was more of an internal and unofficial name for it. It needs a better name. And this time it's the BlackBerry user community that will pick it!

We got a huge response from the community on this one, and the team spent hours going through the suggestions picking out the best ones and narrowing it down to a top five for the community to vote on. There were a lot of clever suggestions in the mix. In the end we decided the chosen name ultimately had to be short, memorable and fitting with the take action spirt of the symbol. 

The Finalists and their stories...

Nova - Member morlock_man suggested Nova, which works on a couple of levels. Nova is latin for new (as in new message) and the symbol does look like a star, where both Nova and SuperNova's astronomical definitions tie in nicely too with action. When your BlackBerry starts to blow up with incoming BBM, text messages and emails, you can say "My BlackBerry is going Supernova on me!" A couple people pointed out in the comments the Chevy Nova marketing tale as a reason to not go with Nova (No va in spanish means "no go" so the Chevy Nova never sold well in Latin America), but that story has been debunked so we think Nova is definitely still in the running as an option. 

Noti - Member seb.hebert suggested Noti, which we also like a lot. Noti is short for notification, and is pronounced "no tee". Simple. Clean. Fun to say. It is what it says.. a notification!

Burst - Member TTune suggested Burst, as in star-burst, or burst of energy or burst of activity. And BlackBerry Burst has a nice ring to it. It definitely fits both in to the visuals of the symbol resembling a star, and the premise of Action Starts Here.

Splash - Member iron willer suggested Splash. Splash brings together "splat" and "smash" in one and it works with the visuals of the symbol. Gotta love how this one has history to it. Splat being the original unofficial name for the symbol, and longtime readers know how much we love to CrackBerry Smash stuff around here (heck, we even had a CrackBerry Smash app back in the day for the Storm).

Spark - Member black.rhino suggested Spark. We like this one too. A spark sets of a chain of events, and this symbol definitely does just that - it is the spark of the BlackBerry experience that sets your thumbs a blazing. And between the red color of the circle and the asterisk, it fits the visual. Sort of like striking a match... getting a spark. 

So that's the five finalists. Whichever one you like most, vote for it above! There were many other great suggestions, but these five jumped out as the most powerful and memorable and fitting. We had to narrow it down and think we did a good job on that (we know not everybody will agree, and that's ok). So that's it. Thanks to everybody for submitting their ideas... now let's see which one the community votes for as the winner!

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