Following up on yesterday's Talk Mobile discussion on cross-platform apps, we're looking at one big-name app that everyone knows, iTunes. Yes we realize that iTunes has nothing to do with BlackBerry, but what if iTunes wasn't just for Apple products - what if it was also available for BlackBerry, Android and Windows Phone?

With BlackBerry 10, BlackBerry World combined music, movies, TV shows and apps into an all-in-one store making it easy for BlackBerry users to get all their media in one spot. While you can freely get your media on different BlackBerry devices, you can't view your media on other platforms - much like iTunes. 

Over the years many people (including BlackBerry owners) have invested in iTunes be it on an iPhone, iPad or Mac Plenty of us have purchased media at one time or another. Much like BlackBerry World, iTunes isn't cross platform - meaning if you've gone from an iPhone to a BlackBerry or you've purchase movies/shows on your Mac at one time or another, you can't view them on another platform.

We discussed this a bit in our Talk Mobile hangout yesterday, but if you missed it you can check it about in the video above.

So what if iTunes was cross-platform? What if you could purchase music or rent a movie on your Mac and it would be available on your BlackBerry as well?