BlackBerry welcomes Apple's new commitment to your privacy

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As noted by our friends over at iMore, Apple recently updated their Privacy Policy to make it easier for everyone to digest and to offer up more details on how it handles your data. With that in mind, BlackBerry took a moment to go ahead and welcome the changes Apple has brought forth in regards to privacy while also highlighting their own history in valuing customers' privacy.

If you head on over to the Priv by BlackBerry website, you'll see it has now been updated with new comments from BlackBerry, welcoming the changes at Apple along with a new image of the Android-powered Priv by BlackBerry smartphone. Needless to say, it's interesting that BlackBerry is jumping here to not only welcome the changes but assert even further why they chose the Priv name. It gets even more interesting when you consider that a lot of Apple CEO Tim Cook's comments have arguably been aimed at Google and their mobile OS. As Cook noted:

A few years ago, users of Internet services began to realize that when an online service is free, you're not the customer. You're the product. But at Apple, we believe a great customer experience shouldn't come at the expense of your privacy.

Our business model is very straightforward: We sell great products. We don't build a profile based on your email content or web browsing habits to sell to advertisers. We don't "monetize" the information you store on your iPhone or in iCloud. And we don't read your email or your messages to get information to market to you. Our software and services are designed to make our devices better. Plain and simple.

Honestly, I'm not even sure what to make of the update. A shot at Apple, perhaps? A sincere welcoming? Maybe I'm reading too much into it, and it's simply a way for BlackBerry to get people talking about Priv. Either way, I have a sneaking suspicion it'll certainly achieve the 'get people talking' portion. Let us know in the comments or in the forums what you all think of this.

BlackBerry welcomes Apple's new commitment to your privacy

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