Today a new version of ShortcutMe has been released; updated to ShortcutMe is one of many applications that provide BlackBerry users with shortcuts to their most used applications, most accessed contacts and most frequent commands. From that same list of similar applications, it’s one of a small few that do a fantastic job of living up to the demands set upon them. No matter how many times I’ve taken a look at ShortcutMe I am impressed by both the vast number of options and shortcuts that you can manage and how easy it actually is to use the application. What good would a short cut application be if it was difficult to use? If you would like, you can read the original review of ShortcutMe here.

I know I’ve said it before, but just imagine having access to not one but three applications on each convenience key (6 in total, for those who hate math). Since switching to my Torch months ago, I struggled with using a single convenience key. ShortcutMe’s feature list is long as it is but let’s see what’s new.

New features in ShortcutMe 5.3

  • Stroke/Flick Launching (Torch, Storm 1 and 2): In addition to the usual launching of shortcuts by entering 1 to 3 keys, clicking a key multiple times, or by just selecting and clicking them, you can now quickly launch your shortcuts by moving your finger on the screen of the ShortcutMe)
  • New Macros added: Macros allow you to create shortcuts to launch apps and then simulate user interaction (key clicks, Navigation) on them. Very handy to automate things you do often on your BB.
  • Scheduled Shortcut Launching: Schedule your shortcuts (with or without your macros) to be launched at a specific time of the day
  • Custom System Menu: Create up to 10 system menus to be able to launch your shortcuts from anywhere (where ever BB System Menu is shown after hitting Menu/BB key). Your system menu items can have any name you want them to have and they can launch any of your shortcuts in ShortcutMe.

Since March of 2009, ShortcutMe has been available for all BlackBerrys with trackball, trackpad and touch screen - only older devices with a with trackwheel on the side are not supported. For today only, you can pick up ShortcutMe for only $1.99. That’s 60% off the regular price (again, Math haters, that means the regular price is $4.99). You can pick up ShortcutMe from the CrackBerry App Store.

More information/download ShortcutMe 5.3 for BlackBerry

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