Throughout the day my BlackBerry keeps me organized and productive. However, there is nothing I prefer more than making this process easier. If you constantly access the same settings, web pages, BlackBerry World sections, or files then there is nothing wrong with trying to shave a few seconds off the task and placing a shortcut for them on the homescreen.

For your personal files and websites, users are offered the option to input the name and select the icon from their media library. As it relates to BlackBerry World, I enjoy being able to load up the app, game or my world section and bypassing the home screen. The remaining system and store icons pull from the system and are not modifiable. Any document, music, video, or image is capable of having a shortcut created for it on the homescreen.


  • Website Shortcut
    • Create shortcut for your favourite website on homescreen. 
    • Customize the shortcut with icon and name of your choice. 
  • File Shortcut
    • Make your books/music/photos/videos/documents/other files readily available on your homescreen.
    • Also customize the shortcut with icon and name of your choice.
  • Settings Shortcut
    • Don't waste time by navigating through the stack of screens just to access the required setting.
    • Create a shortcut once and access the setting just in a tap.
    • Includes 43 predefined settings shortcuts. 
  • Appworld Shortcut
    • Create shortcut for your Blackberry World categories.
    • Shortcuts available for My World, Games, Apps, Music, Video.

While the interface is not as clean as I would like it to be, it does get the job done and is designated as Built for BlackBerry. It’s quick, easy, and no more jumping through multiple screens to find your most accessed files. Available for BlackBerry 10, the free version grants users 10 shortcuts and comes with ads. Once the free trial period has expired, the premium version is purchasable within the application for $0.99. 

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