ShopCrackBerry - Now with Cheaper Shipping Options Worldwide!

Since CrackBerry launched in 2007, two of the most frequently asked questions we receive from visitors outside of the United States is When will ShopCrackBerry ship to my country? and in the case where we do ship to that country, Why is it so expensive to ship to my country? 

Back in June 2010 we took care of our Canadian customers by introducing our dedicated CrackBerry Canada store.

Today I'm happy announce we've finally improved the service offering in our US-based store to much better support our international customers! We've also rolled out free shipping to AFP/FPO destinations around the globe.

To our international customers - thanks for the patience. And thanks for the ongoing support. Now keep reading for all the details!

Expanded Worldwide Shipping

We're up from supporting 30 countries to going truly global!! 

More (& Cheaper!) Shipping Rates

Our only International shipping option previously was UPS Express, which while fast was also expensive (it doesn't make much sense to pay ~$40 on shipping if all you need is a case or a charger). We now offer three levels of USPS shipping and two levels of UPS shipping, which provide more options along with more affordability if that's what you're looking for.

International shipping starts with USPS Internal First Class mail, which takes 1 - 2 weeks (note, no package tracking is currently available on orders less than $100). The second USPS option is Priority Mail, which takes 6 - 10 days. The fastest USPS option is Express Mail, which will get you your order in 3 - 5 days.

UPS shipping is also available. UPS Worldwide Expediated has a 3 - 5 day shipping tme, while Worldwide Express/Saver is at 3 days.

A Note on Shipping Lithium Ion Batteries using USPS for shipping:  Here's the bad news. Due to current Postal Regulations we are unable to ship items overseas via USPS containing Lithium Batteries at this time. It sucks. We know. There's nothing we can do about it. It sounds like this rule may change in the not so distant future to allow for smaller items that contain lithium (like a spare battery for your BlackBerry or a BlackBerry Mini Keyboard that contains a lithium ion battery), but in the meantime these products are off the table. Keep in mind you can still ship lithium ion batteries overseas via UPS.

Example Rates

Here's a few examples to put the savings and options into perspective: 

  • Australia / Japan: First Class $11.95, Priority $32.95, Express $38.95
  • UK: First Class $11.95, Priority $36.95, Express $40.95
  • France / Germany: First Class $11.95, Priority $30.95, Express $38.95
  • Mexico: First Class $9.95, Priority $27.95, Express $36.95
  • US Territories, including Puerto Rico and Guam: Just $5.95 Priority Mail or free shipping if your order is greater than $50 !


We are glad to offer FREE Priority Mail shipping to all US Army Post Office and Fleet Post Office destinations around the globe!

New for US Customers - $3.95 Budget Saver

Along with all the new shipping options for international customers we also recently introduced a new $3.95 Budget Saver shipping option, available on most orders, for those in the continental US. This is shipped via First Class Mail with a tracking code. This a great option for those looking to buy just one or two items. Remember - there's still free shipping within the continental US on orders over $50.

Let the International Shipping Begin!

There you have it. FINALLY better international shipping options from ShopCrackBerry. Spread the word! Give us your feedback. Over the years you've made ShopCrackBerry the number one destination for BlackBerry Accessories and we're proud of our service offering. That said, our e-commerce teams are always working to get better and better, and that's what we'll continue to do. Thanks for your ongoing support!

Take me to and let the International Shipping Begin!