BlackBerry Q10 Accessories

With the BlackBerry Q10 set to hit Canada tomorrow, I caught up with our ShopCrackBerry E-Commerce Team this morning to check that all systems are a go and to get an update on how things are coming along on the accessories front with the Z10 (I know a bunch of you are waiting on your Z10 Charging Bundles to ship!).

BlackBerry Q10 Cases and Accessories

Turns out eager soon to be BlackBerry Q10 owners are not waiting for their phones before purchasing their accessories. We're already bringing into stock BlackBerry Q10 cases and accessories (other items already up for pre-order) and they're moving fast. 

If you're in Canada and getting your Q10 this week, be sure to check out the selection in our Canada store. Order now!

BlackBerry Q10 Cases and Accessories (Canada store)
BlackBerry Q10 Cases and Accessories (USA / Global)

Mobi Products Z10 Charging Cradle Back in Stock


BlackBerry Z10 Charging Cradle

While we still wait for BlackBerry to officially release their OEM Desktop Charging Stand, the Mobi Products Charging Cradle has been really popular with Z10 owners.

This one was out of stock, but we just got in a fresh supply. If you want it, you can grab it now for $22.95.

Check out the Mobi Products Z10 Charging Cradle

Back Ordered Z10 Charging Bundles will Ship Next Week!

It was a year ago that we ran into some delays on getting the first shipment of the uber-popular BlackBerry Mini Keyboard for the BlackBerry PlayBook out the door. Heck, the waiting was so bad I made the trip to down to our main e-commerce facility so I could lend a hand in getting them out the door (see video above - it's awesome).

I thanked everybody for their patience then, and I'm thanking everybody again for their patience now when as it pertains to the Charging Bundle for the BlackBerry Z10. Demand on this one has been SUPER HIGH to the point where it caught everybody by surprise. The good news is that more bundles have been produced and we finally have confirmation on our big backorder coming through. As soon as they arrive next week they'll ship out the door (filled in order - those have been waiting the longest will get their bundle shipped first). Going ahead supply on this one should be much more steady, so any waiting should be minimal. It's a hot accessory and demand is a good problem to have, but I know waiting for anything sucks. Again, I think you for your patience.

And if you don't know what the Z10 Charging Bundle is about, you can check it out in the video below. It's a must-have!

For All your BlackBerry Accessory Needs

Thanks for all the support over the years! With over 2 million orders shipped to date, we're experts at e-commerce when it comes to getting cases and accessories for your mobile device. Occasionally we run into the odd hiccup (like the supply issue with the Z10 Charging Bundles), but our teams will always do their best and stay on top of it until we have it addressed! Thanks again for the patience - be sure to spread the ShopCrackBerry word!

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