If you are looking to pick up a new BlackBerry 10 smartphone here's something interesting to consider. Right now, for whatever reason, all white BlackBerry 10 smartphones are on sale through the ShopBlackBerry store. No matter which device you choose from the available devices, as long as it's white they're all $100 off their original asking price.

We've gone through the shop and it appears as though Canada is the only exemption from the deal (And regions with no white stock available such as France) for some reason. Want a white Z30? $399.99. Want a white Q10? $299.99. Want a white Z10? $199.99. Want a white BlackBerry Q5? $249.99. No coupon codes are needed and nothing special needs to be entered at checkout.

Sure, those prices are higher than what you can get them for on a carrier deal but they're unlocked and can move from any compatible carrier to another, arguably making the total cost of ownership less than a carrier subsidized version in some scenarios. We're not sure when the sale went live but, as of July 6th it wasn't running. Anyone going to be grabbing a device or two? Sadly, no white Passports available.

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