Over the years we have seen tons and tons of BlackBerry themes come and go, many of them offering unique features like sliding docks, animations, and much more, and the folks at ShootnShare didn't want to feel left out of the fun. They have created a mini application, ShootnShare, which has been built into a number of themes in a series, and it is pretty neat.

The idea behind ShootnShare is to take a shot of what is on your screen, make some minor edits to the image, and share it directly to your Twitter or Facebook account. No more taking a screen shot, opening up your social application, navigating to the image, and uploading, instead it is all done in one quick and easy process. Some themes that include the application are Holiday Postcard, Stickers (this one has a custom CrackBerry template you can download too!) and many more which can all be found at their website.