Shoot It!

Last week we told you about Hippopost for BlackBerry smartphones, which allows you to snap a photo on your BlackBerry and send it to a person as a real physical postcard for free (ad supported). Hippopost got an enthusiastic response from the community so I'm sure all of you will like this app too... As it turns out, another postcard app for BlackBerry launched earlier last week in App World, shoot it!

Whereas Hippopost is a free service, and in being free the postcards come with advertising front and back, shoot it! is a paid service. Postcard credits start at 99 cents for US addresses, $1.24 for other North American and UK addresses, and $1.49 for other Western European addresses with quantity discounts starting at just 10 postcards.The 4" by 6" real postcards are printed and mailed the next business day.

Shoot It! for BlackBerry

I followed up with Bruce from shoot it! to get some further info and thoughts on their service. Here's what he had to say: 

Our cards are second to none in quality, printed and mailed the next business day, and distributed from the country closest to the recipient address. Currently we distribute North American mail from Arizona, Western Europe from London, with operations in Japan and Brazil opening up soon. This gains us delivery speed and lower ‘local' postage for what was formerly international delays and postage. Our postcards cost between $0.99 and $1.49. Nope, not free and not branded by corporations; a truly interesting concept, just not ours. Depends on if you prefer an clean keepsake vs. a branded one - for 99 cents more (think wedding, graduation, a business meeting ‘thank you' and then which way you'd prefer to go). In a nutshell: we are fast, inexpensive, and purposed to be a messaging alternative. We want users to think: I gotta great photo...should I SMS, MMS - NO! I'll PMS and choose shoot it! for a postcard message. 30 seconds later and 99 cents debited from their account, their message will print and mail the next business day from the country closest to the recipients'' addresses. That's what shoot it! is.

The battle of free vs. paid. Both have their benefits and I think both approaches can survive and thrive. Have a choice is always a great thing, which is now what BlackBerry users have when it comes to sending real physical postcards from their device. Give it a go, and be sure to report back in the comments.

Download shoot it!: Visit or download here from BlackBerry App World. ** Please note, only the BlackBerry Tour, Bold 9000 and Curve 8900 are currently supported, with support for other device models coming online soon.

10 FREE POSTCARDS: shoot it! has hooked us up! When you register, use the coupon code CB10. This will give you 10 free postcards in your account for use through the end of this year.

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